Monday, October 21, 2013

Something I can't not say

This video depicts a play-through of pretty much everyone in S1-03 and I just found it and decided to watch it cos I'm just like that.

Take no offense in anything I am about to say but I think it's important that people don't make mistakes and provide more humor to me, for the greater good you know.

1) I'm pretty sure there were only 22 people shown in this video.

2) The origin of the soundtrack (Pacific Rim btw) does not have its content credited. Ironically, the text below the video says 'Content must be credited if used'.

3) Too much Tony. His overly repeated face takes up a whole of 79 seconds.

4) I looked through it again and I really that the girl about 30 seconds into the video is doing an imitation of Ms Alex (sounds like something she would say lol). In all seriousness, as a former student of hers, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't appreciate it. DEFIANCE

I'm pleased (not really) to say that their second video was much better. Yay (nay).