Saturday, February 23, 2013

13 - 23 February 2013


I know it's been a long time but I'm back ._. And I thought updating this blog might be a good idea...

So, continuing from my illness, I returned to school on the Friday of that week (i think it was 15 Feb).

Last week was kinda interesting? In a way. Monday to Friday next week is all Level Test o.o

Yesterday I had the Chinese test and I mind-blocked for like 1/2 an hour? I think I wrote more in the last 15 minutes than in the first 45.

So, yeah ._. I'm not studying now, I was doing math just now though.

For those of you who are in my class or cohort, if you have bad memory, next week's test timetable is (in order, Mon to Fri)

English - Formal Letter
Science - General properties of waves, reflection, refraction and TIR
Math - Algebraic multiplication and division and Quadratic equations
History - Civilisations


So, I've developed a recent interest in this ancient game called Tetris.

3 Simple Tips how not to behave when I'm playing Tetris.

#1. Telling me what to do. I have a brain. It may be slow or dysfunctional but it works, okay.
#2. Telling me how slow I am. I know I'm slow, but it's my style. Don't rub it in my face.
#3. Don't send me requests while I'm playing, it kills my winning streak and I lose my rank (Facebook Tetris Battle).

With these 3 simple steps you won't agitate me and we'll all be happy forever and ever.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 February 2013

Greetings all ._. I'm here to talk about my day.

4 things that went on today.

1. CNY
Happy Lunar New Year to my fellow Chinese Singaporeans, as well as the rest in the world, have a blessed year ahead.

2. A special someone's birthday.
A very unfortunate day to have a birthday, wouldn't you think? :3

3. Clemens and Ming Hui
Lots of online attention to their weird lovey-dovey behaviour on Twitter.

4. Unfortunate Illness
I'll probably take more time to talk about this, cos you know, this is my blog >:3

I woke up around 11.30 this morning perfectly fine. As time progressed my arms start to ache and I lost my appetite. We still went visiting, though only one house cos it was already kinda late. When we got home I changed clothes and lay in bed ._. Soon enough I fell asleep and when I woke up my mum was like panicking about what happened to me. I'm now trying to eat my food and I feel miserable. But that's okay ^~^

So, derpypie hope you've had a good day and have another good day tomorrow.

Yours miserably,

9 February 2013 (xxxxxxxxx late entry)



Didn't do much yesterday.
Lazed around at home cos nothing to do.
Watched shit with my mum and sister until 11-ish.
Went to sleep around 2.



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Boredom Kills

So since I'm bored.

I'm going through my 5GB photo archive looking for interesting photos that I'll put up here.

Hope it entertains.


8 February 2013 (xxx late entry)

Hello ._______. sorry I didn't post yesterday I was kinda enjoying the bliss that is ignorance.

So anyway yesterday was kind of eventful I guess? More than usual, I'll say.

CL : I can't remember but we have to write a letter so I guess it was something about that.
SCI : We have this puzzle to do which I still haven't done 8D seems entertaining enough though
ADMT : Half a period cos got the CNY celebration, Ms Seah gave us a video to watch.

CNY celebration.
There was a Wushu performance ._. that was okay
And then some chinese opera thing o.o really impressive.

After all this still got no lion dance DDDD:<

Hope you have a great rest of the day today.
Happy Chinese New Year >:3  ~恭喜发财~


Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 February 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Thursday.

Summary of today so far.

S&W : Learnt more dance moves, my body still aching slightly >< CLEMENSSSSS
SCI : Um ._. The definitions and units/symbols of the terms used in the topic of electric current
EL : How to write the graded formal letter.
CL : I forgot? I was drawing some shit lol
ADMT : Roles in a movie production

Well... Talked to Mr Tan HT today about our ISS project :DDDD confidential~~~

Came home considerably early.

Remodeled this blog :D it even has anti-fish.

I think the dark blue one has emotional problems.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 February 2013



HIST : Learned about the 3 civilisations that I am lazy to name, got my money back.
EL : Awesome psychokiller text by Anthony Horowitz 8D
GEO : Um, Energy of Rivers, I think?
CL : More about the Chapter 3 ._.
MATH : Completing the square some more D:

CCA today. Very eventful ._.


Came home around 8.30, now writing blog and looking for food ._.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 February 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Tuesday.

Summary of today (so far).

S&W : SWAG moves T^T ahhhh
EL : Some narrative story stuff
MATH : Completed the square
I&E : Some more feasibility plan thing
CL : I can't remember... Chapter 3?
SCI : Electric current and stuff ._.

Stayed back just talking to Sa and other people ._. I probably owe Javier/Xavier 1b mesos which I don't have, I don't play maple.

Fell asleep at a weird time around 8 I think, woke up at 9.30, now feeling slightly feverish.

Cheers, until Jericho tells me what else to say

4 February 2013 (Late entry)

Helloooo today is Tuesday but if you have a brain, I'm writing about yesterday [obviously].

Summary of yesterday.

SCI : Um ._. went through wave homework
IRS : Did some more discussion
CE : Some weird talk
MATH : Completing the square D:
GEO : Mr James Koh not in sch today..

Stayed back with Gabriel and a few others ._.

Got home late, ate late, staying up late.

Sleepy *^*


Sunday, February 3, 2013

3 February 2013

Hi hi ^~^ Today is Sunday.

Summary of today.

Woke up early, went out with family.
Came back to chiong tuition homework.
Ate dinner.
Didn't do much, I want to do my Science work now.


Sincere as it can possibly be,

2 February 2013 (late entry)

Hello ^~^ Today is Sunday but I'm writing about yesterday.

Summary of yesterday.

Woke up around 10?
Went out with my dad to buy some stuff ._.
Was eating lunch until I received a phone call ._. Went out for a while~

Came back and fell asleep on the floor.

Woke up, had dinner, did some stuff ._. Server not open.



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Facts about me

This post is all about me ._. (SO CONCEITED 8D)

I share the same birthday with Li Ying and Jarrett.

I can walk to Zhen Yu's house in two minutes.

I was put in 01(YAY 01 :D) because i messed up my PSLE Chinese.

I have a 6 year old female cousin named Jordan (yeah it's a double-gender name). She sounds like Jing Han and her middle name is Alyssa.

I do not play LoL, Blackshot, TF2, Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, Halo or Cardfight Vanguard.

I have 2 sisters, one is a 12 year old rebellious introvert and the other is a 7 year old cute little girl with learning disability. 

I am not gay.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Weird junior encounter ._.

So today in the canteen Jerry and I met this junior? I don't know his name but here's how our conversation went (sort of) :

*Junior comes along*
Me : Hello ._.
Junior : Hello ._. Are you Sec 3?
Jerry : No he's a very tall Sec 2.
Junior : Oh okay. Are you life partners?
Me : Excuse me?
Junior : Life partners.
*Gives Jerry weird look*
Me : No we're not gay.

Me : Omg ._. What is this
Jerry : See what I mean
Me : I am amused.
Jerry : I'm not.
*runs away~*

Junior : So have you ever done "it" before?
Me : omg no -.-
Junior : Anal?
Me : No
Junior : Blowjobs? You know what those are?
Me : Yes, no I haven't done it before =.=
Junior : Banged someone?
Me : *omg no you annoying little b--* "No. I'm leaving."

I walk away.

I seriously thought our batch was too sick-minded ._.


1 Febraury 2013

Hello ^~^ it's Friday, and it's February 8D.

Summary of today.

EL : Double EL, watched some movie trailers and stuff o.o
MATH : Unit 2.1
SCI : Finished Refraction
ADV/ASSB : Service Learning stuff ._.

Stayed in sch until 6? Fell asleep at some point.

Came home and I'm sleepy.