Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top 10 Songs for me at the moment - In no particular order

Passenger - Let Her Go
Adele - Rolling In The Deep
Capital Cities - Safe and Sound
Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks
Imagine Dragons - Demons
Lawson - Juliet
Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
Zedd ft. Foxes - Clarity
Avicii - Wake Me Up
Pink - Just Give Me A Reason

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Youtube channels do you like?

Well considering I subscribe to like, 15 or so channels, which isn't a lot, maybe... yes. In order in which they currently appear on my screen...

1) TheJWittz

One of those Pokemon youtubers, I follow for his countdowns but not much lately cos Pokemon X and Y and I don't have it yet.

2) Vsauce

[VSAUCE, MICHAEL HERE] Yeah it's one of those great channels with interesting videos that I enjoy :P physics and stuff u noe

3) OneDirectionVEVO

Please forgive me for this mistake I don't even know why this is here I think it was my sister lolol. DON'T SPECULATE. >:(

4) YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

no h8 pls but I really enjoy their videos for some reason and they're British so that takes the cake. 

5) ZexyZek

some american dude who does minecraft trolling videos? (he's running out of ideas but they're still kinda okay) he's cool.

6) Alltime Conspiracies

It's "Alltime10s" second channel and they post about conspiracies. no shit. pretty cool.

7) DarkBlazer2k

Not sure why I follow this guy I think it's cos he recommend some good pokemon rom hacks.

8) Alltime10s

Does those awesome countdowns thingies awesomesauce much lolol

9) Epic Rap Battles Of History

I think they're great (i actually have quite a few in my head)

10) Bruno Mars

Lol Bruno Mars his songs are pretty good but not good enough to have one be any of my favourites :3 try harder bruno (jk i think When I Was Your Man is awesome)

11) Pewdiepie 


12) dookieshed

Does countdowns and plays pokemon (like JWittz) and has this weird sense of humour that appeals to me.

13) officialpsy

I think we all know why

14) minutephysics

best physics videos ever #physics5ever

15) AllYouCanLaugh

His name is Wilhelm Schnotz and he has the awesomest hair.

16) MeredithHappykid

Oh hi Meredith she used to upload good videos (one was used for some ceremony thing) but she doesn't upload anymore.


Saturday, November 30, 2013

4 Things People Like To Ask Me / Say To Me (And The Answers)

1. How tall are you?

Yeah I know I'm tall, it'd be stupid to deny it. But if you really wanna know? Well see, the reason I don't already know is because most of the walls in my house have this partition that sticks out and would distort the measurement, and the only wall without a partition is this really white wall that my dad hates people touching cos it's so darn white touching it dirties it. (sidetrack much)

Answer: 175.5cm (±10mm)

2. Can you play any musical instruments?

I play the piano, but do not take lessons. I used to when I was 7, but not anymore. My mother is Grade 8 certified (though she doesn't enjoy it like me). I can't read score (well I can but I take ages). I can only play a few pieces properly (one or two) but yeah I enjoy it. I don't like playing for people though, shy mah. I also used to play the guitar (my sister has one and I use hers when I'm bored) but I don't know the chords (I have to read her book thing lol).

Answer: Yes.

3. Do you have siblings?

I have two sisters, one is 12 and one is 7. Shall tell you about them? The older younger sister is going to secondary school next year, and she is a pretty hardcore Directioner (gay boys), which explains my surprisingly more-than-should-be knowledge of the band, if you're ever seen it. She likes writing and drawing. My other sister just started out in primary school, and she's okay with it. She's really cute, as many people would say when they see her. She hates math homework (irony much) and when she's angry or sad it's so... BALGRHWEBFIOYWEDBJKDWF. Like really really annoying. She's also addicted to gaming.

Answer: Yes.

4. What music do you like?

Well honestly I have no specific likes in music. In my primary school days I hardly listened to music, and my mum first bought me the album Ocean Eyes by Owl City, which of course I stuck to. Since then I started listening to stuff, and since joining secondary school I've been more open to music and I know more songs and stuff. Still no expert though. In case something like this ever happened I decided that my top 3 bands would be Coldplay, Maroon 5 and The Script (no particular order). In fact I actually have 5 Coldplay albums (though I haven't listened to all of them yet). If I were to rank all the songs I've listened to, what would make my top 10? I'll tell you soon.

Answer: Everything.

Monday, November 4, 2013

I have a problem with this

Look at the never-ending chain of comments. Look.

Now let's have an argumentative monologue.

STAND: VEVO is stealing views from this video

- Well even if they are, it's probably because you guys are making a big deal out of nothing.

You guys don't even know if they can do this.

- Don't you think it's for the good of humanity?

It's people like you that make me wonder why I'm worried for my sister's future.

- They just want to piss you off and they're doing a good job. Who wouldn't?

You guys are so sensitive. Grow some balls.

STAND: VEVO is not stealing views from this video

- All of you are deluded jerks.

You guys don't even know if they can do this.

- You should bloody know that the view counter does not refresh when you refresh the page.

How long have you been on Youtube? 50 seconds?

- You're making a big deal about it.

Chill people. No need for this madness.

Anyway, if this song is so great (which in my opinion isn't one of their best), why are you comparing to Wrecking Ball? That song didn't get views from Cyrus' obsessive, no-life fans, she got it because the video went viral in a bad way. Unless Story Of My Life goes viral, which it won't from the looks of it, you aren't gonna beat it.

After a close examination of the details, I can hereby conclude without doubt that it matters not whether VEVO did or did not steal your precious virtual views, you're all wasting time either way. Get a life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

5 Basic Things You Should Know About Me

1) I am socially awkward and think differently from most people.

I know I'm very outgoing and random sometimes in school but deep down inside I'm socially awkward and at times I'll completely just shut up and ignore everyone for reasons. Also, I find that I don't do things the way most people would, and I can think a lot faster in my own ways too (lol) and that just happens to be interpreted as me having higher intelligence when in actual fact I just have a weird mind.

2) I bear hatred against audience-interactive or singing shows. (No h8 pls)

Dora The Explorer? Bullshit. High School Musical? Bullshit. Glee? Bullshit. My sister is watching Glee right now at this moment I'm typing this and there is this gay guy with a girl's voice (Note: I said girl, not woman) and it's just freaking me out. This is wrong. Also the main actor died. I simply don't understand how people like there kind of shows. The actors are paid to piss me off.

3) I'm not a gamer.

Yup. I'm not a gamer, I'm a n00b at pretty much anything that's what people talk about. Cookie Clicker? I speak honestly, I never played that. It doesn't interest me. DOTA 2? I'd probably die trying to understand it. I'm trying out TF2 now, which isn't THAT BAD, but I suck at it (as expected). I am good at one thing, which is Pokémon. I don't like ROM hacks though, for some strange reason. I find that the original games get more of my attention span. Honestly I'd rather do math than game.

4) I don't like chocolate.

What? I know right. Who doesn't like chocolate. Well it's complicated, but since last year I've lost my craving for it. I'd eat chocolate-flavored things, sure. But I cannot stand pure chocolate. I don't have much to say about this and it is kinda straightforward and stuff. Keep this in mind though.

5) I support Manchester United.

Cliché right? I guess so. Like, who likes Man U? It sucks. Well yeah David Moyes could be better, and frankly 8th on the table sucks. But still, I have reasons to like this. My father supports Liverpool for one, so why not right. I have a 'be on the winning team' spirit and my competitive spirit gets the better of me sometimes, so Man U was the way to go. But now... it'd be a waste to just dump Man U right? :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Something I can't not say 2

No intro needed.

Take no offense in anything I am about to say but I think it's important that people don't make mistakes and provide more humor to me, for the greater good you know.

1) Awesome introduction with the red and yellow squares but Optima font? Seriously?

2) What kind of font this be.

3) The 'i' is not capitalized. Also, there is no full stop (or any other punctuation) after 'go'.

4) 15 seconds of ceiling before Clemens picks up the camera.

5) Why wasn't the camera in the room where he was dancing before he started recording?

6) Why did he start recording before he was in the right room? Time consumption much.

7) Is vlog really pronounced like that?

Sister's hat?

9) Only puts on the hat when he starts dancing.

10) Mac error sounds.

11) That's actually some pretty sick shit. I totally concur with Huda.

12) Is the removal of the hat really necessary? He looks pretty hip with a girl's accessory.

13) 'And i'm sorry i don't dance that well :P' Excuse me? Excuse me what did you say have you seen my video of me dancing I look like shit please no modesty here I get it you're good.

14) 'BUT STILL BETTER THAN HAKEEM SO BURN IN HELL MUTHA******' Is this really necessary? 

15) Squiggles after everything.

16) Facebook not capitalised.

17) Twitter not capitalised.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Something I can't not say

This video depicts a play-through of pretty much everyone in S1-03 and I just found it and decided to watch it cos I'm just like that.

Take no offense in anything I am about to say but I think it's important that people don't make mistakes and provide more humor to me, for the greater good you know.

1) I'm pretty sure there were only 22 people shown in this video.

2) The origin of the soundtrack (Pacific Rim btw) does not have its content credited. Ironically, the text below the video says 'Content must be credited if used'.

3) Too much Tony. His overly repeated face takes up a whole of 79 seconds.

4) I looked through it again and I really that the girl about 30 seconds into the video is doing an imitation of Ms Alex (sounds like something she would say lol). In all seriousness, as a former student of hers, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't appreciate it. DEFIANCE

I'm pleased (not really) to say that their second video was much better. Yay (nay).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

[Some inspirational shit here]

Well, it's Sunday. Sundays are always great, cos the next day is Monday and contrary to most, I like Mondays.

Well I'm sorry. Sorry I couldn't help you. Again. This isn't the first time I've tried and failed. I only want the best for you, I only want you to be okay. But I couldn't help you. I didn't know how.

And even though you say in the end that it was okay and that I helped you by cheering you up, I still feel pretty useless. Because I'm sitting here without a care in the world while you're there suffering and shit. And I want to help you. But that's my problem. I can't.

I just get frustrated very easily. And then me trying to help you turns into you trying to say in the nicest possible way, "You tried." And like, I know you're okay with it and all but I feel like I don't care enough for you. But in the end all that I really care about is you being okay. About you being happy. I hope you are. I really do.

And you. You know you don't really have to say things like that. Yes I know I'm an insensitive *ahem* and that I really am some lucky *ahem* *ahem* but you don't have to rub it in my face and say "YOU ARE". Because I know and you telling me isn't gonna change that fact. Or change anything. Except perhaps my mood and all. Sure today hasn't been a good day for either of us (I assume) so I would rather not pursue this further.

RIP Cory Monteith (11/05/1982 - 14/07/2013)
You will certainly not be forgotten by me.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


My mum doesn't understand me.

Mum : The school says they cancelled all holiday activities so you don't have to go this week.
Me : I have to go.
Mum : No you don't.
Me : I have to go.
Mum : No you don't.
Me : I have to go.
Mum : Why do you have to go?
Me : I need to finish building the (water tank).
Mum : Why can't you build it at home?
Me : All the materials are in school.
Mum : Isn't the school closed?
Me : Only Thursday and Friday.
Mum : That's not what I heard. Who's your teacher-in-charge?
Me : Mr Tan Hoe Teck.
Mum : Forward me his email, I want to see.

Let's analyse this.

1. Reason why she says I don't have to go

Simply put, the school has addressed the recent haze situation stating that all activities during the holidays have been cancelled. 

While this make sense, keep in mind that the reason I am going to school is on my own accord, to complete construction of a water tank, which will be used for the Singapore International Science Challenge (SISC) the following week.

The construction of this tank was intended to be last Friday, but due to my absence for the whole week, my team mates were unable to complete the construction. This week, both my team mates will be unavailable to help build the tank. As a member of the team, I must take responsibility for the task and ensure that it is completed as soon as possible. While I am at liberty to just stay at home and do nothing, nobody else is able to finish the construction but me, and blatantly ignoring my duties is not something I wish to do.

Also, if the posts on the school website and student blog are carefully studied, no evidence points to the fact that the school is closed, only that no activities will be carried out. Students are therefore still allowed to enter the school to do as they want to, or need to.

Also keep in mind that the haze situation is momentarily kept at bay by some kind winds blowing the haze somewhere else. When the haze returns, all it takes is for me to put on an N95 mask and the exposure to the dangerous particles is greatly reduced. Nothing I can't handle.

My mum needs to understand that this piece of work is important, albeit requires completion ASAP. While it is miscommunication and lack of manpower on my team's part, my mother needs to understand that a school holiday is not really a holiday, it's more of a study break. It is not as if my mother doesn't understand what it's like to have important work. No, it's not like she doesn't know what it's like to be busy. In fact, she already is.  Have I ever complained that she should stop doing work? No, I respect the fact that she is hardworking and I respect the fact that what she is doing is important. I think that she should realize that I have more important things to do than to stay at home and laze around all day. I'm sorry that the times of true relaxation have flown by. I'm sorry I don't spend as much time with her as I used to. I wish I could. I really do. And though I know my logic is flawed somewhere, I hope you understand what I'm saying.

Please understand.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Idiots Guide to Unit 3 - Quadratic Graphs

I understand that my guide is kinda helpful, so if you find it difficult to go to my Facebook wall, you can just come here and see, and I hope it helps, somehow.


Idiots Guide to : Unit 3 - Quadratic Graphs

Note : This guide is intended for Secondary 2 students on the topic of Quadratic Graphs, but if you are not in the category of the said intended audience, you are still welcome to read, as it may help you somehow.

The equation for Quadratic Graphs is y = ax²+bx+c (In Quadratic Equations [Unit 2], y is always 0)

Quadratic Graphs are always in the form of parabolas.

There are 2 formulas for Quadratic Graphs, namely completing the square and cross factorisation.

Completing the square --- y = (x-p)²+q
Cross factorisation --- y = (x-a)(x-b)

Completing the square

In completing the square, the formula is y = (x-p)²+q. [NOTE : It is -p, not +p]
To find out how to draw the graph itself, follow these few steps.

  1. Find the turning point
  2. Find the line of symmetry
  3. Find the y-intercept
  4. Find the x-intercept(s) [if any]

#1 - Turning point
The turning point is the lowest point of a U-shaped graph and the highest point of an N-shaped graph. As it is a point in the graph, it will always have an x- and a y-coordinate.
In the formula y = (x-p)²+q, the turning point is (p,q).

#2 - Line of symmetry
The line of symmetry is a line that intersects the graph and splits it exactly in half. The line of symmetry is located along the x-axis.
In the formula y = (x-p)²+q, the line of symmetry is x = p.

#3 - Finding the y-intercept
The y-intercept is the point at which the graph intercepts the y-axis. The y-intercept is located along the y-axis.
To find the y-intercept, simply substitute x for 0, and proceed to solve the equation. It is always in the form of (0,y).

#4 - Finding the x-intercept(s) [if any]
The x-intercept(s) is/are the point(s) at which the graph intercepts the x-axis. The x-intercept(s) is/are located along the x-axis.
To find the x-intercept(s), simply substitute y for 0, and proceed to solve the equation. They are always in the form of (x,0).
Note that depending on the coefficient of x², and the values of and q, there may be two, one or even no x-intercepts.

In the formula y = (x-p)²+q, when y = 0 and the coefficient of x² is 1 :
When q > 0, there are no x-intercepts.
When q = 0, there is only one x-intercept (the turning point of the graph).
When q < 0, there are two x-intercepts.

In the formula y =-(x-p)²+q, when y = 0 and the coefficient of x² is -1 :
When q > 0, there are two x-intercepts.
When q = 0, there is only one x-intercept (the turning point of the graph).
When q < 0, there are no x-intercepts.

[Note that as the formula involves square-rooting a number, it may turn out as an irrational number, and in such cases you should always round off the values to 3 significant figures, unless specifically stated otherwise.]

Special case(s) :
If the equation is, for example, x²+3, it is equal to (x+0)²+3 (thus p = 0, q = 3).
If the equation is, for example, (x-5)², it is equal to (x-5)²+0 (thus p = 5, q = 0).

After you find the turning point, the line of symmetry, and the x- and y-intercepts, you can now draw the graph.


In completing the square, the formula is y = (x-a)(x-b). [NOTE : It is -a and -b, not +a and +b]
To find out how to draw the graph itself, follow these few steps.

  1. Find your x-intercepts 
  2. Line of symmetry
  3. Turning point + y-intercept

#1 - Find your x-intercepts 
The x-intercept(s) is/are the point(s) at which the graph intercepts the x-axis. The x-intercept(s) is/are located along the x-axis. They are always in the form of (x,0).
The x-intercepts are (a,0) and (b,0).

#2 - Line of symmetry
The line of symmetry is a line that intersects the graph and splits it exactly in half. The line of symmetry is located along the x-axis.
In the formula y = (x-a)(x-b), the line of symmetry is (a+b)/2.

#3 - Turning point + y-intercept
The turning point is the lowest point of a U-shaped graph and the highest point of an N-shaped graph. As it is a point in the graph, it will always have an x- and a y-coordinate.
In the formula y = (x-a)(x-b), the turning point is ([(a+b)/2], y).
To find the y-intercept, substitute x for 0, and solve the equation.
(Make the formula y = ([(a+b)/2]-a)([(a+b)/2]-b).)

After you find the turning point, the line of symmetry, and the x- and y-intercepts, you can now draw the graph.

Follow these steps to draw your graph.

  1. Draw the axises 
  2. Locate the turning point
  3. Plot your graph
  4. Label your graph

#1 - Draw your x- and y-axis
You don't need me to tell you how to draw this. Don't forget to label both axises and the origin (just put a 0 there).

#2 - Locate the turning point
On your axises, label the co-ordinates for the turning point and put a little dot on the spot where the the turning point should be.

#3 - Plot your graph
Draw a curve as natural-looking as humanly possible. Try to make your x- and y-intercepts look realistic. (Like, don't put 1 and 568 so close together on the x-axis then 1 and 3 so far apart on the y-axis, get what I mean?)

#4 - Label your graph
Make sure you :
Label the dot, your turning point (p,q)
Draw your line of symmetry and label it(x = p) [need not be dotted, this is not physics]
Label the y-intercept and x-intercept(s) [if any ; when applicable]
Label your graph [In its original form y = (x-p)²+q or y = (x-a)(x-b).]

And that is how you should draw your quadratic graph. Remember that you should always read the question first before assuming anything, and use a pencil so you can erase if you make a mistake. Thanks for your kind attention! ^~^

Note : This tutorial is self-written, adapted from Ms Ng Ee Nee's teaching. Thus it may differ slightly from the teachings of Ms Ng Ee Nee, Mr Thomas Yeo or Ms Gwendolyn Lim, depending on who your Mathematics teacher is.

Hey Macarena

Hey people,

Sorry I have not been updating regularly.

Not that my life has been boring to the point I have nothing to post about,
but perhaps I have found interest in other things, eh?

I'll still post occasionally, like this, so do continue to drop by, just not so often eh? ;)

Life's good.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

13 - 23 February 2013


I know it's been a long time but I'm back ._. And I thought updating this blog might be a good idea...

So, continuing from my illness, I returned to school on the Friday of that week (i think it was 15 Feb).

Last week was kinda interesting? In a way. Monday to Friday next week is all Level Test o.o

Yesterday I had the Chinese test and I mind-blocked for like 1/2 an hour? I think I wrote more in the last 15 minutes than in the first 45.

So, yeah ._. I'm not studying now, I was doing math just now though.

For those of you who are in my class or cohort, if you have bad memory, next week's test timetable is (in order, Mon to Fri)

English - Formal Letter
Science - General properties of waves, reflection, refraction and TIR
Math - Algebraic multiplication and division and Quadratic equations
History - Civilisations


So, I've developed a recent interest in this ancient game called Tetris.

3 Simple Tips how not to behave when I'm playing Tetris.

#1. Telling me what to do. I have a brain. It may be slow or dysfunctional but it works, okay.
#2. Telling me how slow I am. I know I'm slow, but it's my style. Don't rub it in my face.
#3. Don't send me requests while I'm playing, it kills my winning streak and I lose my rank (Facebook Tetris Battle).

With these 3 simple steps you won't agitate me and we'll all be happy forever and ever.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 February 2013

Greetings all ._. I'm here to talk about my day.

4 things that went on today.

1. CNY
Happy Lunar New Year to my fellow Chinese Singaporeans, as well as the rest in the world, have a blessed year ahead.

2. A special someone's birthday.
A very unfortunate day to have a birthday, wouldn't you think? :3

3. Clemens and Ming Hui
Lots of online attention to their weird lovey-dovey behaviour on Twitter.

4. Unfortunate Illness
I'll probably take more time to talk about this, cos you know, this is my blog >:3

I woke up around 11.30 this morning perfectly fine. As time progressed my arms start to ache and I lost my appetite. We still went visiting, though only one house cos it was already kinda late. When we got home I changed clothes and lay in bed ._. Soon enough I fell asleep and when I woke up my mum was like panicking about what happened to me. I'm now trying to eat my food and I feel miserable. But that's okay ^~^

So, derpypie hope you've had a good day and have another good day tomorrow.

Yours miserably,

9 February 2013 (xxxxxxxxx late entry)



Didn't do much yesterday.
Lazed around at home cos nothing to do.
Watched shit with my mum and sister until 11-ish.
Went to sleep around 2.



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Boredom Kills

So since I'm bored.

I'm going through my 5GB photo archive looking for interesting photos that I'll put up here.

Hope it entertains.


8 February 2013 (xxx late entry)

Hello ._______. sorry I didn't post yesterday I was kinda enjoying the bliss that is ignorance.

So anyway yesterday was kind of eventful I guess? More than usual, I'll say.

CL : I can't remember but we have to write a letter so I guess it was something about that.
SCI : We have this puzzle to do which I still haven't done 8D seems entertaining enough though
ADMT : Half a period cos got the CNY celebration, Ms Seah gave us a video to watch.

CNY celebration.
There was a Wushu performance ._. that was okay
And then some chinese opera thing o.o really impressive.

After all this still got no lion dance DDDD:<

Hope you have a great rest of the day today.
Happy Chinese New Year >:3  ~恭喜发财~


Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 February 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Thursday.

Summary of today so far.

S&W : Learnt more dance moves, my body still aching slightly >< CLEMENSSSSS
SCI : Um ._. The definitions and units/symbols of the terms used in the topic of electric current
EL : How to write the graded formal letter.
CL : I forgot? I was drawing some shit lol
ADMT : Roles in a movie production

Well... Talked to Mr Tan HT today about our ISS project :DDDD confidential~~~

Came home considerably early.

Remodeled this blog :D it even has anti-fish.

I think the dark blue one has emotional problems.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 February 2013



HIST : Learned about the 3 civilisations that I am lazy to name, got my money back.
EL : Awesome psychokiller text by Anthony Horowitz 8D
GEO : Um, Energy of Rivers, I think?
CL : More about the Chapter 3 ._.
MATH : Completing the square some more D:

CCA today. Very eventful ._.


Came home around 8.30, now writing blog and looking for food ._.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 February 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Tuesday.

Summary of today (so far).

S&W : SWAG moves T^T ahhhh
EL : Some narrative story stuff
MATH : Completed the square
I&E : Some more feasibility plan thing
CL : I can't remember... Chapter 3?
SCI : Electric current and stuff ._.

Stayed back just talking to Sa and other people ._. I probably owe Javier/Xavier 1b mesos which I don't have, I don't play maple.

Fell asleep at a weird time around 8 I think, woke up at 9.30, now feeling slightly feverish.

Cheers, until Jericho tells me what else to say

4 February 2013 (Late entry)

Helloooo today is Tuesday but if you have a brain, I'm writing about yesterday [obviously].

Summary of yesterday.

SCI : Um ._. went through wave homework
IRS : Did some more discussion
CE : Some weird talk
MATH : Completing the square D:
GEO : Mr James Koh not in sch today..

Stayed back with Gabriel and a few others ._.

Got home late, ate late, staying up late.

Sleepy *^*


Sunday, February 3, 2013

3 February 2013

Hi hi ^~^ Today is Sunday.

Summary of today.

Woke up early, went out with family.
Came back to chiong tuition homework.
Ate dinner.
Didn't do much, I want to do my Science work now.


Sincere as it can possibly be,

2 February 2013 (late entry)

Hello ^~^ Today is Sunday but I'm writing about yesterday.

Summary of yesterday.

Woke up around 10?
Went out with my dad to buy some stuff ._.
Was eating lunch until I received a phone call ._. Went out for a while~

Came back and fell asleep on the floor.

Woke up, had dinner, did some stuff ._. Server not open.



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Facts about me

This post is all about me ._. (SO CONCEITED 8D)

I share the same birthday with Li Ying and Jarrett.

I can walk to Zhen Yu's house in two minutes.

I was put in 01(YAY 01 :D) because i messed up my PSLE Chinese.

I have a 6 year old female cousin named Jordan (yeah it's a double-gender name). She sounds like Jing Han and her middle name is Alyssa.

I do not play LoL, Blackshot, TF2, Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, Halo or Cardfight Vanguard.

I have 2 sisters, one is a 12 year old rebellious introvert and the other is a 7 year old cute little girl with learning disability. 

I am not gay.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Weird junior encounter ._.

So today in the canteen Jerry and I met this junior? I don't know his name but here's how our conversation went (sort of) :

*Junior comes along*
Me : Hello ._.
Junior : Hello ._. Are you Sec 3?
Jerry : No he's a very tall Sec 2.
Junior : Oh okay. Are you life partners?
Me : Excuse me?
Junior : Life partners.
*Gives Jerry weird look*
Me : No we're not gay.

Me : Omg ._. What is this
Jerry : See what I mean
Me : I am amused.
Jerry : I'm not.
*runs away~*

Junior : So have you ever done "it" before?
Me : omg no -.-
Junior : Anal?
Me : No
Junior : Blowjobs? You know what those are?
Me : Yes, no I haven't done it before =.=
Junior : Banged someone?
Me : *omg no you annoying little b--* "No. I'm leaving."

I walk away.

I seriously thought our batch was too sick-minded ._.


1 Febraury 2013

Hello ^~^ it's Friday, and it's February 8D.

Summary of today.

EL : Double EL, watched some movie trailers and stuff o.o
MATH : Unit 2.1
SCI : Finished Refraction
ADV/ASSB : Service Learning stuff ._.

Stayed in sch until 6? Fell asleep at some point.

Came home and I'm sleepy.


Thursday, January 31, 2013

31 January 2013 - More updates

Tomorrow is the first day of February :D

Still feeling dizzy effects from the CL =.= don't remind me of it.

Gonna sleep soon, depends on whether someone wants to reply me or not...

Dayum not much to talk about huh.


31 January 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Thursday.

Summary of today.

S&W : zzzz
I&E : Mr Tan came late, so just went through a few slides.
MATH : Double Math today ._. Quadratic equations.

Had the IDA-AutoDesk ceremony thing today.
CL in the MPH @~@

Screw MC -.-

zzzz not feeling so good


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 January 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Wednesday.

Summary of today.

ADMT : Video Critique test D: 15% of the overall grade.
HIST : Went through the worksheet.
CL : 一份珍贵的礼物
MATH : Unit 1 Post-test ,_,

CCA today, had some RDFZ students over.

Reached home, ate, showered, talked to parents about life.

Help Yoshi build the spawn today :D

Here I am now.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Pink sunset ~

29 January 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Tuesday.

Summary of today.

S&W : zzz don't wanna talk about it
EL : Interesting O.o Tongue twisters 8D
IRS : Not much, doing up the blog
SCI : Double period T~T Did refraction experiments
GEO : River systems

Returned home early (around 6.30 8D yeah that's considered early)

Hamachi has some problem so most of the Pokefans couldn't get on the server.
Anyway I got on for about an hour whilst doing my History homework :/ yeah.

Progress is near 0, build a secret passage somewhere in Nacrene 8D (i like this face).

Hiding from parents whilst writing so yeah :x might take some time.




Monday, January 28, 2013

28 January 2013 - More updates

So today my leg still hurts D:

Today I was fooling around with blogs and swapped around the blog addresses again and again and again and again lol :P Not gonna do it anymore though, you find it, I'm not gonna do shit.

Not much, in fact minimal progress in MC, fooling around with ocelots and stuff ._.

So anyway this week there's a temporary timetable and I don't like it D:


28 January 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Monday.

Summary of today.

CL : Talked about 记叙文 today ._.
HIST : Civilisations worksheet
CE : Something about effective working styles? idk
ADMT : Moar Video Critique sharing
SCI : Refraction

Reached home around 8.30.

Ate and MC all the way~


More stats~


Dancing videos work wonders ~

Sunday, January 27, 2013

27 Jan 2013 - More updates

So today this blog turns one week old :D

Today I kinda ran too fast and injured my right leg. So I can't do more dance videos.

Oh yeah btw the JB Dance is up already so all you have to do is scroll down and it's there.

MC today with BK and Sa ._. and Jeff too. yeah. Finished constructing the Nacrene Museum/Gym and made some improvements to the city itself (fixing the minecart rail and created a warp to the Union Room and back 8D).

So now I'm doing Science work like a good boy ._. not really huh

Settled troubles from early this morning so I'm okay now.

Have a good night and have a great day tomorrow :D


27 January 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Sunday.

Summary of today.

Morning went out with parents ._.
Came back, had tuition till 5.30.
Went out running with my dad and injured myself.
Came back, ate, MC/doing science homework.





(first ever post like this) Forgive if the text background and the blog background don't quite match.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I didn't really have a good day >~< it has to go somewhere and that somewhere is here.

I don't know how to go about doing this since I don't wanna compromise names? Initials too mainstream? :/ Ah I'll just...

So I'm really close to a girl whom I shalt refer to as SY (yah chinese name) and just now I was talking to her about another girl I shalt refer to as Pika. - BACKGROUND - I used to like Pika (I'll admit) but our friendship drifted apart as time passed, sad to say. So 2 days ago (Fri) SY showed me something about Pika that made me kind of upset :/ but I decided to shake it off anyway. Ever since yesterday SY seemed very distant from me which isn't normal... Pika showed me a photo of something SY sent her and she was obviously upset though she kept denying it. I talked to SY

(too many girls dammit)

-cont.- I talked to SY about it and she started blaming herself for Pika getting upset and she got upset too and started, well, saying things that hurt me deeply :/ She thinks I still like Pika and my feelings for her were just a big lie. So she continued her weird behaviour until she suddenly left...

I decided to visit Pika's blog (Yes I know you have one) and this is what her latest post said, and I qoute, "I just don't see you as a friend as much as I want to. What kind of friends don't talk to each other in real life and act like strangers? Also, we don't even talk much online anymore." (It's true sadly, we never talked in real life ><)

So, Pika (you know who you are), if you're reading this blog and I know you will eventually.

I want to say, that whatever I've done to offend you, I deeply apologise. I just want to start our friendship over and hopefully things will work out. Friends? :/

And SY, I know you're reading this too, I just want to say I'm sorry for any misunderstandings that you and I might have... Please forgive me. 
Goodnight ^~^

26 January 2013 (Late entry)

Hello ._. Today is Sunday but I'm writing about yesterday.

Summary of yesterday.

Woke up around 10am, took a while to get out of bed though XD
Filmed my dance stuff then ._. Haven't posted it yet >:D
Went out with my parents and came home around 6.
Ate some more food and MC/Watch election results/watch '80s movie.

Writing blog now.
Yesterday wasn't my best of days...


Saturday, January 26, 2013


Go away.

Student Council or PSB?

Hello ^~^ Saturday is today.

So if you have noticed there are flyers pasted around the school looking for Sec 2s who want to join the SC (not Show Choir, the other SC) or the PSB, and I'm thinking why not, yah. But I'm not sure which of the two I should apply for? Cos I certainly won't do both. If you have anything to tell or advise me on this subject, PM me on Facebook if you know me (if you haven't guessed by now, if you're not from my cohort or even my school you'll miss out and not understand a lot, but nobody's gonna stop you so please do read my blog ^~^) and have a good day 8D.


Friday, January 25, 2013

25 January 2013

Hello ^~^ Ish Friday.

Summary of today :D

CL : Not much ._. Did the workbook pages 1-6.
SCI : Learnt about angle of refraction.
ADMT : Discussed about Video Critique 3.
EL : Did the Diagnostic Test today ._. Relatively well done lol, needa stop subconsciously touching my shirt buttons ._.
ADV/ASSB : Some talk about AutoDesk ._. People falling asleep all around.

Stayed behind to decorate the class and ... got home late :3

Watching TV with my parents ._. Haven't done the dance video yet >:D


EL Oral Diagnostic Test?

Birthday Wishes, 25 Jan

Birthdays today : Oliver Tan

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hello again ._. It's almost Friday~

Soooo today us Sec 2s learnt a new dance sequence (not so complicated but hard to execute) and I made a Facebook post, saying I'd video myself doing the dance if my post got 50 likes. Well as of now the post has 67 likes so I guess I don't have much of a choice ._. I'll probably film it tomorrow (maybe in school) but I still need to get the steps right D: If you're one of those who liked the post and are reading this right now, please stick around. If I were to film the video (which I probably will :3) the first place to put it would be here so don't go away.


24 January 2013

Hello ^~^ Today is Thursday.

Summary of today.

S&W : New choreography sequence :D complicated (there's more, talk later)
SCI : Finished Reflection, on to Refraction.
EL : More formal letter stuff -.- ahhhh
CL : More on Chapter 2
ADMT : Video critique 2 and 3 ._. SIGNS :D

After school stayed back to play chess with Zahid ._. LOSTT YAY

not much MC today but still managed to complete Nacrene City :D (save for the gym).
My parents had some friends over so i stayed upstairs to play.
Finished ADMT HW before they left.

So here I am :D


Steps to memorise π

To memorise π you have to have a technique and I want to share my way with you.

Simply memorise in sets of 5 ._. And concentration, of course.


Ta-da :D This is my current mental capacity of π (if you think I cheated come to me personally :3)


What I think of you (24 Jan)

#1 [MALE] Lol you. You are generally a nice person ^~^, sometimes really annoying. We should talk more you know, since we already know each other quite well O.o mmmmm kthnxbai.

#2 [MALE] Hello D: You are a nice person too :3 but you act weird, I must say? And really, just call me Bruce, it's really much simpler :/ Be nice to your mum.

#3 [MALE] Hello O.o don't know you that well but we went on the same GCP trip anyway ~ Ermmmm i like your watch? idk zzz. Maybe we should talk? :D

#4 [MALE] Hellooo you are a decent guy who i don't actually talk to but we do say hi sometimes if we see each other ._. I like your specs too 8D

#5 [FEMALE] Okay.. I don't know you that well? I mean at all, I just follow you on Twitter. You look familiar, but i just can't remember who you resemble -.- oh well cheers.

What I think of you

Fellow Sec 2 students ._. this blog is very empty. As a result I will be doing this thing. With a random number generator, I will generate 5 numbers between 1 and 201 every day and write what a sentence or two about i think of you. If you think it's you, it would be best if you clarify with me before you get the wrong idea.


Birthday wishes, 24 Jan

So I've decided to put birthday wishes separate to my daily posts ._. Yay.

Birthdays : Liaw Xiao Tao


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Sorry for the awesome resolution. Nothing I can do.

How to make a rainbow thingie in MindNode

How to throw your son out the window (Happy Wheels)

Anything you want

I realize my blog is pretty boring with me just talking about my life and all so please tell me, give me something to do, anything, anything at all as long as its reasonable and do-able. Just PM me on Facebook or drop a comment or whatever. PLEASE D:

Yours sincerely,

23 January 2013

Hello ._. Today is Wednesday.

Summary of today :D

HIST : Not so bad, not much to talk about. Civilisations and stuff?
EL : More boring formal letter things -.-
GEO : Half the class didn't meet Mr Koh's expectations. Fortunately I wasn't one of them :x
CL : Chapter 2 : 瘸腿的小狗
MATH : omg 2 tests D: Unit 1 Post-Test easy, Unit 2 Pre-Test confusing (esp. Q2 =.=)

Had CCA today, CL on the field ._. Nth to do so talked with Jericho and his friend Daniel.

Reached home around 7.

BK opened server around 8. Minor progress today but still better than nothing :D

And here I am now.



Refreshing the page adds one to the total pageviews ._.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

22 January 2013 (2)

Hello ^~^ It's almost Wednesday.

So today wasn't the most interesting of school days. I guess I'll skip that part?

Anyway today wasn't really an eventful day at all :/ Lots of MC today (I guess I'll put a photo up?) but yeah there isn't much to say ... Pie.

Anyway I still have finished my Geo mini-documentary thing so I guess I'll do it tomorrow morning? Or maybe later idk.

No friends' birthdays today again D: Oh well but if your birthday is today then Happy Birthday! ^~^

Here's a photo (Striation City)


22 January 2013

Hi there ._. Today is Tuesday.

Summary of today (so far) :D

S&W : More dance moves ending with me and Jun Yang pointing at each other awkwardly -.-
EL : Not eventful, 70% for diagnostic test ,_,
MATH : Page 22 DDDDD:
I&E : More boring lecture stuff :/
CL : Not very entertaining either ...
SCI : Rays diagrams

Reached home around 5 I think? o.o Fell asleep for a while then MC all the way to this point (not done yet :P).


Monday, January 21, 2013

Goodbye Ryan Chew

Today, 21 Jan 2013, Ryan Chew departed SG for Australia. Though we never really got to know each other, I feel for his friends and his beloved (I know how it feels ,_,). I wish him well in his studies and pretty much everything else. God bless him.

Yours sincerely,

21 January 2013 (2)

Hello again ^~^ it's almost Tuesday.

So a brief summary of significant events today i guess O.o? Okay.

Today Ms Ong shouted her head off at us because we didn't post our literature reviews up. NOBODY D: After recess during her CE lesson we were talking about Urgent/Important time management stuff? Then Zhi En said something and she slammed the table and THE FIRE ALARM STARTED RINGING :DDDDD COINCIDENTAL, WOULDN'T YOU THINK? The whole class was like OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

Anyway lessons weren't very interesting today -.- Wasn't feeling well after school so I came home early and tried (and failed) to do my Math HW. Boon Kiat opened the server around 7, so we were playing until around 11, and we (or I) finished building the trainer's school and the garden with the pretty fountain :DDDDD anyway I feel very happy with what we've done today. And here I am now. Gonna sleep soon, or someone's not gonna be happy ;)

No friends' birthdays today :< but if you're reading this and it's your birthday, Happy Birthday! ^~^


21 January 2013

Hi there ._. Today is Monday.

Summary of today (so far) :D

Woke up 1/2 an hour early but still reached school past 8 :<.
SCI : Boring science experiment thing in the physics lab.
IRS : Ms Ong shouted a lot ,_, absolutely nobody did the literature review...
CE : Kinda forgot what happened? But at the end the fire alarm rang (at a very coincidental time :D).
MATH : Went through Page 15,16 and 20 ._. Ms Ng didn't punish me for handing the Diagnostic Test workings in late (yay)
GEO : Boring today :/ have to do some mini-documentary zzz

Came home early cos I wasn't feeling too good :/ Feeling better now though ^~^

I'll make another post later on tonight cos I know this one is too vague.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

What is this blog for?

I think that this blog is more like for describing how my day went and stuff as such? If you want to see what I'm actually doing at a particular moment you could follow me on Twitter @gumballpika (if you don't already), but I don't really tweet much lol.


20 January 2013

Today wasn't that eventful :/ Went out with my parents and came back around 2.30. MC with Boon Kiat, Jericho and Ding Wen ._. finished Route 2 and half of Striaton City. Gives me an accomplished feeling. While I was doing work my dad told my sister a joke, and she made what he thought was an unfriendly gesture, then he got mad and scolded her with "defiance" language :<. Had 5+ people ask me about Page 15-16 of the lecture notes -.- but I guess it's alright. So I decided to only post this after I finished my Math (but I really mean transferring working to foolscap >~<), which I only finished 15 minutes ago and will proceed to do my Science after this post. Oh snap the goals thing D: I'll have to do that too.

Birthdays Today : Erika and Clemens :) Happy birthday to you two :3


First post :D

If you accessed this blog I assume you know me somehow.
I will be posting about life I guess, hopefully whenever I can, because i don't like complaining on Twitter.