Wednesday, January 23, 2013

23 January 2013

Hello ._. Today is Wednesday.

Summary of today :D

HIST : Not so bad, not much to talk about. Civilisations and stuff?
EL : More boring formal letter things -.-
GEO : Half the class didn't meet Mr Koh's expectations. Fortunately I wasn't one of them :x
CL : Chapter 2 : 瘸腿的小狗
MATH : omg 2 tests D: Unit 1 Post-Test easy, Unit 2 Pre-Test confusing (esp. Q2 =.=)

Had CCA today, CL on the field ._. Nth to do so talked with Jericho and his friend Daniel.

Reached home around 7.

BK opened server around 8. Minor progress today but still better than nothing :D

And here I am now.


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