Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I think of you (24 Jan)

#1 [MALE] Lol you. You are generally a nice person ^~^, sometimes really annoying. We should talk more you know, since we already know each other quite well O.o mmmmm kthnxbai.

#2 [MALE] Hello D: You are a nice person too :3 but you act weird, I must say? And really, just call me Bruce, it's really much simpler :/ Be nice to your mum.

#3 [MALE] Hello O.o don't know you that well but we went on the same GCP trip anyway ~ Ermmmm i like your watch? idk zzz. Maybe we should talk? :D

#4 [MALE] Hellooo you are a decent guy who i don't actually talk to but we do say hi sometimes if we see each other ._. I like your specs too 8D

#5 [FEMALE] Okay.. I don't know you that well? I mean at all, I just follow you on Twitter. You look familiar, but i just can't remember who you resemble -.- oh well cheers.

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