Sunday, January 20, 2013

20 January 2013

Today wasn't that eventful :/ Went out with my parents and came back around 2.30. MC with Boon Kiat, Jericho and Ding Wen ._. finished Route 2 and half of Striaton City. Gives me an accomplished feeling. While I was doing work my dad told my sister a joke, and she made what he thought was an unfriendly gesture, then he got mad and scolded her with "defiance" language :<. Had 5+ people ask me about Page 15-16 of the lecture notes -.- but I guess it's alright. So I decided to only post this after I finished my Math (but I really mean transferring working to foolscap >~<), which I only finished 15 minutes ago and will proceed to do my Science after this post. Oh snap the goals thing D: I'll have to do that too.

Birthdays Today : Erika and Clemens :) Happy birthday to you two :3


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