Saturday, November 30, 2013

4 Things People Like To Ask Me / Say To Me (And The Answers)

1. How tall are you?

Yeah I know I'm tall, it'd be stupid to deny it. But if you really wanna know? Well see, the reason I don't already know is because most of the walls in my house have this partition that sticks out and would distort the measurement, and the only wall without a partition is this really white wall that my dad hates people touching cos it's so darn white touching it dirties it. (sidetrack much)

Answer: 175.5cm (±10mm)

2. Can you play any musical instruments?

I play the piano, but do not take lessons. I used to when I was 7, but not anymore. My mother is Grade 8 certified (though she doesn't enjoy it like me). I can't read score (well I can but I take ages). I can only play a few pieces properly (one or two) but yeah I enjoy it. I don't like playing for people though, shy mah. I also used to play the guitar (my sister has one and I use hers when I'm bored) but I don't know the chords (I have to read her book thing lol).

Answer: Yes.

3. Do you have siblings?

I have two sisters, one is 12 and one is 7. Shall tell you about them? The older younger sister is going to secondary school next year, and she is a pretty hardcore Directioner (gay boys), which explains my surprisingly more-than-should-be knowledge of the band, if you're ever seen it. She likes writing and drawing. My other sister just started out in primary school, and she's okay with it. She's really cute, as many people would say when they see her. She hates math homework (irony much) and when she's angry or sad it's so... BALGRHWEBFIOYWEDBJKDWF. Like really really annoying. She's also addicted to gaming.

Answer: Yes.

4. What music do you like?

Well honestly I have no specific likes in music. In my primary school days I hardly listened to music, and my mum first bought me the album Ocean Eyes by Owl City, which of course I stuck to. Since then I started listening to stuff, and since joining secondary school I've been more open to music and I know more songs and stuff. Still no expert though. In case something like this ever happened I decided that my top 3 bands would be Coldplay, Maroon 5 and The Script (no particular order). In fact I actually have 5 Coldplay albums (though I haven't listened to all of them yet). If I were to rank all the songs I've listened to, what would make my top 10? I'll tell you soon.

Answer: Everything.

Monday, November 4, 2013

I have a problem with this

Look at the never-ending chain of comments. Look.

Now let's have an argumentative monologue.

STAND: VEVO is stealing views from this video

- Well even if they are, it's probably because you guys are making a big deal out of nothing.

You guys don't even know if they can do this.

- Don't you think it's for the good of humanity?

It's people like you that make me wonder why I'm worried for my sister's future.

- They just want to piss you off and they're doing a good job. Who wouldn't?

You guys are so sensitive. Grow some balls.

STAND: VEVO is not stealing views from this video

- All of you are deluded jerks.

You guys don't even know if they can do this.

- You should bloody know that the view counter does not refresh when you refresh the page.

How long have you been on Youtube? 50 seconds?

- You're making a big deal about it.

Chill people. No need for this madness.

Anyway, if this song is so great (which in my opinion isn't one of their best), why are you comparing to Wrecking Ball? That song didn't get views from Cyrus' obsessive, no-life fans, she got it because the video went viral in a bad way. Unless Story Of My Life goes viral, which it won't from the looks of it, you aren't gonna beat it.

After a close examination of the details, I can hereby conclude without doubt that it matters not whether VEVO did or did not steal your precious virtual views, you're all wasting time either way. Get a life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

5 Basic Things You Should Know About Me

1) I am socially awkward and think differently from most people.

I know I'm very outgoing and random sometimes in school but deep down inside I'm socially awkward and at times I'll completely just shut up and ignore everyone for reasons. Also, I find that I don't do things the way most people would, and I can think a lot faster in my own ways too (lol) and that just happens to be interpreted as me having higher intelligence when in actual fact I just have a weird mind.

2) I bear hatred against audience-interactive or singing shows. (No h8 pls)

Dora The Explorer? Bullshit. High School Musical? Bullshit. Glee? Bullshit. My sister is watching Glee right now at this moment I'm typing this and there is this gay guy with a girl's voice (Note: I said girl, not woman) and it's just freaking me out. This is wrong. Also the main actor died. I simply don't understand how people like there kind of shows. The actors are paid to piss me off.

3) I'm not a gamer.

Yup. I'm not a gamer, I'm a n00b at pretty much anything that's what people talk about. Cookie Clicker? I speak honestly, I never played that. It doesn't interest me. DOTA 2? I'd probably die trying to understand it. I'm trying out TF2 now, which isn't THAT BAD, but I suck at it (as expected). I am good at one thing, which is Pokémon. I don't like ROM hacks though, for some strange reason. I find that the original games get more of my attention span. Honestly I'd rather do math than game.

4) I don't like chocolate.

What? I know right. Who doesn't like chocolate. Well it's complicated, but since last year I've lost my craving for it. I'd eat chocolate-flavored things, sure. But I cannot stand pure chocolate. I don't have much to say about this and it is kinda straightforward and stuff. Keep this in mind though.

5) I support Manchester United.

Cliché right? I guess so. Like, who likes Man U? It sucks. Well yeah David Moyes could be better, and frankly 8th on the table sucks. But still, I have reasons to like this. My father supports Liverpool for one, so why not right. I have a 'be on the winning team' spirit and my competitive spirit gets the better of me sometimes, so Man U was the way to go. But now... it'd be a waste to just dump Man U right? :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Something I can't not say 2

No intro needed.

Take no offense in anything I am about to say but I think it's important that people don't make mistakes and provide more humor to me, for the greater good you know.

1) Awesome introduction with the red and yellow squares but Optima font? Seriously?

2) What kind of font this be.

3) The 'i' is not capitalized. Also, there is no full stop (or any other punctuation) after 'go'.

4) 15 seconds of ceiling before Clemens picks up the camera.

5) Why wasn't the camera in the room where he was dancing before he started recording?

6) Why did he start recording before he was in the right room? Time consumption much.

7) Is vlog really pronounced like that?

Sister's hat?

9) Only puts on the hat when he starts dancing.

10) Mac error sounds.

11) That's actually some pretty sick shit. I totally concur with Huda.

12) Is the removal of the hat really necessary? He looks pretty hip with a girl's accessory.

13) 'And i'm sorry i don't dance that well :P' Excuse me? Excuse me what did you say have you seen my video of me dancing I look like shit please no modesty here I get it you're good.

14) 'BUT STILL BETTER THAN HAKEEM SO BURN IN HELL MUTHA******' Is this really necessary? 

15) Squiggles after everything.

16) Facebook not capitalised.

17) Twitter not capitalised.