Sunday, November 3, 2013

5 Basic Things You Should Know About Me

1) I am socially awkward and think differently from most people.

I know I'm very outgoing and random sometimes in school but deep down inside I'm socially awkward and at times I'll completely just shut up and ignore everyone for reasons. Also, I find that I don't do things the way most people would, and I can think a lot faster in my own ways too (lol) and that just happens to be interpreted as me having higher intelligence when in actual fact I just have a weird mind.

2) I bear hatred against audience-interactive or singing shows. (No h8 pls)

Dora The Explorer? Bullshit. High School Musical? Bullshit. Glee? Bullshit. My sister is watching Glee right now at this moment I'm typing this and there is this gay guy with a girl's voice (Note: I said girl, not woman) and it's just freaking me out. This is wrong. Also the main actor died. I simply don't understand how people like there kind of shows. The actors are paid to piss me off.

3) I'm not a gamer.

Yup. I'm not a gamer, I'm a n00b at pretty much anything that's what people talk about. Cookie Clicker? I speak honestly, I never played that. It doesn't interest me. DOTA 2? I'd probably die trying to understand it. I'm trying out TF2 now, which isn't THAT BAD, but I suck at it (as expected). I am good at one thing, which is Pokémon. I don't like ROM hacks though, for some strange reason. I find that the original games get more of my attention span. Honestly I'd rather do math than game.

4) I don't like chocolate.

What? I know right. Who doesn't like chocolate. Well it's complicated, but since last year I've lost my craving for it. I'd eat chocolate-flavored things, sure. But I cannot stand pure chocolate. I don't have much to say about this and it is kinda straightforward and stuff. Keep this in mind though.

5) I support Manchester United.

Cliché right? I guess so. Like, who likes Man U? It sucks. Well yeah David Moyes could be better, and frankly 8th on the table sucks. But still, I have reasons to like this. My father supports Liverpool for one, so why not right. I have a 'be on the winning team' spirit and my competitive spirit gets the better of me sometimes, so Man U was the way to go. But now... it'd be a waste to just dump Man U right? :)

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