Monday, November 4, 2013

I have a problem with this

Look at the never-ending chain of comments. Look.

Now let's have an argumentative monologue.

STAND: VEVO is stealing views from this video

- Well even if they are, it's probably because you guys are making a big deal out of nothing.

You guys don't even know if they can do this.

- Don't you think it's for the good of humanity?

It's people like you that make me wonder why I'm worried for my sister's future.

- They just want to piss you off and they're doing a good job. Who wouldn't?

You guys are so sensitive. Grow some balls.

STAND: VEVO is not stealing views from this video

- All of you are deluded jerks.

You guys don't even know if they can do this.

- You should bloody know that the view counter does not refresh when you refresh the page.

How long have you been on Youtube? 50 seconds?

- You're making a big deal about it.

Chill people. No need for this madness.

Anyway, if this song is so great (which in my opinion isn't one of their best), why are you comparing to Wrecking Ball? That song didn't get views from Cyrus' obsessive, no-life fans, she got it because the video went viral in a bad way. Unless Story Of My Life goes viral, which it won't from the looks of it, you aren't gonna beat it.

After a close examination of the details, I can hereby conclude without doubt that it matters not whether VEVO did or did not steal your precious virtual views, you're all wasting time either way. Get a life.

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