Saturday, November 2, 2013

Something I can't not say 2

No intro needed.

Take no offense in anything I am about to say but I think it's important that people don't make mistakes and provide more humor to me, for the greater good you know.

1) Awesome introduction with the red and yellow squares but Optima font? Seriously?

2) What kind of font this be.

3) The 'i' is not capitalized. Also, there is no full stop (or any other punctuation) after 'go'.

4) 15 seconds of ceiling before Clemens picks up the camera.

5) Why wasn't the camera in the room where he was dancing before he started recording?

6) Why did he start recording before he was in the right room? Time consumption much.

7) Is vlog really pronounced like that?

Sister's hat?

9) Only puts on the hat when he starts dancing.

10) Mac error sounds.

11) That's actually some pretty sick shit. I totally concur with Huda.

12) Is the removal of the hat really necessary? He looks pretty hip with a girl's accessory.

13) 'And i'm sorry i don't dance that well :P' Excuse me? Excuse me what did you say have you seen my video of me dancing I look like shit please no modesty here I get it you're good.

14) 'BUT STILL BETTER THAN HAKEEM SO BURN IN HELL MUTHA******' Is this really necessary? 

15) Squiggles after everything.

16) Facebook not capitalised.

17) Twitter not capitalised.


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