Friday, February 1, 2013

Weird junior encounter ._.

So today in the canteen Jerry and I met this junior? I don't know his name but here's how our conversation went (sort of) :

*Junior comes along*
Me : Hello ._.
Junior : Hello ._. Are you Sec 3?
Jerry : No he's a very tall Sec 2.
Junior : Oh okay. Are you life partners?
Me : Excuse me?
Junior : Life partners.
*Gives Jerry weird look*
Me : No we're not gay.

Me : Omg ._. What is this
Jerry : See what I mean
Me : I am amused.
Jerry : I'm not.
*runs away~*

Junior : So have you ever done "it" before?
Me : omg no -.-
Junior : Anal?
Me : No
Junior : Blowjobs? You know what those are?
Me : Yes, no I haven't done it before =.=
Junior : Banged someone?
Me : *omg no you annoying little b--* "No. I'm leaving."

I walk away.

I seriously thought our batch was too sick-minded ._.


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  1. If you think that's bad, a Junior in the Yong Tau Hu queuing up was like, "Hey aren't you a little short for a Sec 2?" =.=