Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Youtube channels do you like?

Well considering I subscribe to like, 15 or so channels, which isn't a lot, maybe... yes. In order in which they currently appear on my screen...

1) TheJWittz

One of those Pokemon youtubers, I follow for his countdowns but not much lately cos Pokemon X and Y and I don't have it yet.

2) Vsauce

[VSAUCE, MICHAEL HERE] Yeah it's one of those great channels with interesting videos that I enjoy :P physics and stuff u noe

3) OneDirectionVEVO

Please forgive me for this mistake I don't even know why this is here I think it was my sister lolol. DON'T SPECULATE. >:(

4) YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

no h8 pls but I really enjoy their videos for some reason and they're British so that takes the cake. 

5) ZexyZek

some american dude who does minecraft trolling videos? (he's running out of ideas but they're still kinda okay) he's cool.

6) Alltime Conspiracies

It's "Alltime10s" second channel and they post about conspiracies. no shit. pretty cool.

7) DarkBlazer2k

Not sure why I follow this guy I think it's cos he recommend some good pokemon rom hacks.

8) Alltime10s

Does those awesome countdowns thingies awesomesauce much lolol

9) Epic Rap Battles Of History

I think they're great (i actually have quite a few in my head)

10) Bruno Mars

Lol Bruno Mars his songs are pretty good but not good enough to have one be any of my favourites :3 try harder bruno (jk i think When I Was Your Man is awesome)

11) Pewdiepie 


12) dookieshed

Does countdowns and plays pokemon (like JWittz) and has this weird sense of humour that appeals to me.

13) officialpsy

I think we all know why

14) minutephysics

best physics videos ever #physics5ever

15) AllYouCanLaugh

His name is Wilhelm Schnotz and he has the awesomest hair.

16) MeredithHappykid

Oh hi Meredith she used to upload good videos (one was used for some ceremony thing) but she doesn't upload anymore.


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