Thursday, January 2, 2014

An Issue To Address

Hi,  I strongly feel the need to address a certain incident that took place today online.

(Background) So recently, to cope with the apparent lack of manpower to teach 9 classes per level, the school administration had changed the 9 class system to an 8 class system, which would be easy for the New Sec 1s and the Sec 3s with their different subject combinations. The Sec 2s and Sec 4s, especially the latter with their coming O levels, were (I assume) meant to remain in the 9 class system. However, in a recent spate of events, the Sec 2 cohorts was converted into 8 classes with the splitting of S2-02.

Tonight on the SST Students Facebook group, one person from the split class announced his disdain for the recent splitting of his beloved class, stating that it was unfair and the school did not tell them or their parents prior to the decision, thus upsetting him and undoubtedly his classmates.

This was met by what I would like to call 'mean, heartless demotivation'. Forgive my strong use of words but I feel the need for it. If I were in his position, I would feel the same way. I believe that he and his classmates at least deserve the right to talk about it and tell everyone how they feel about it. Nobody said they couldn't. But (I was watching the events unfold) I found that a surprising number of people felt his ideals that this should be discussed with the principal as unnecessary and tried to talk him down, particularly with the phrase 'move on'. Some things people said to him truly irked me, which is why I feel the need for people to know, but I won't mention names.

I feel that there is a need to bring this up. Many would disagree with me, saying that it would be troublesome for the administration to reinstate S2-02. But you should at least listen to them, and understand how they feel about this. The school did not give prior warning about this, and even if they wanted to have 8 classes instead, it would only be just and fair and mix classes around, and not bomb one class and file them into different classes. Why the school decided on this particular class I do not know, but I feel this is unfair and unjust.

I'm not sure I know what it feels like, but I sympathise with them and I believe they have rights.

Perhaps if the school had planned this earlier, this wouldn't have happened. From there I would like to address something else, but that is for another time. I'm not making enemies with the school, I'm just saying they could use some better planning.

Please respect other people's feelings. They may not get their class back, but that is no reason to shun them. This may just end up a big waste of time, but if I were in their shoes, I would do the same. Walk a mile in their shoes before you judge them. They are not you. Maybe they don't want to move on. Maybe they want to fight for what they believe in. So let them.


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